To Everything There Is A Season...

"He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside the still waters, He restores my soul; He leads me in the paths of righteousness for His names sake." Psalm 23: 2-3

It's been a long haul. I feel like I have been on this long journey with many winding paths, some more rugged than others. I have been uphill, in the valley and spent countless hours in the wilderness, but overall its has been a satisfying albeit tiring journey. But isn't that what journey's are? Its getting from one place to another. 

My journey began when my husband retired and we relocated to Buckeye Arizona in January 2008. I prayed and asked God to use me & to give me a more satisfying life.

That's when He opened the door to Christ-centered Yoga.

After yoga teacher training and offering classes in my neighborhood for several months, God led me to open the first yoga studio offering a christ-centered practice in the West Valley, specifically Glendale AZ.

It has been an amazing experience. We were more than a yoga studio. We were a community, Y.O.GA. was a ministry. God touched, stirred & healed many souls including mine. Life lessons were learned, enduring friendships created, & hours of Yoga practice ensued. He raised up so many persons to walk alongside me and he performed miracles. But like so many others before me I lost balance. The priorities in my life became jumbled. I still loved and sought God daily, but I am a striver and many times i defaulted to my way instead of His way. I tried to do everything and I wore myself out. My attention to the ministry began to take precedence in my life. I tried to keep God in first place & the ministry and I in 2nd place and every thing and every body else had to vie for 3rd place. Wrong! clearly if I had priorities so jumbled you know I tried to jump on the throne from time to time. But God....He is merciful, He is faithful and most of all He is loving. He looks at the heart. He looked at my heart. He heard me cry out so many times, Lord I am tired!  He knows how much I love him, and He knows I still want to be used by him, but he heard me as I sighed and cried and just kept saying Lord I am so tired.

It took a while like almost one year, but finally I bumped into my last wall, and thats when I had my epiphany. I finally called out,  "God am I praying the wrong way?" And slowly the scales fell off my eyes,  the dust and fog in my mind began to clear, and realization set in. My work here was done. God was releasing me. He was calling me to rest & be restored. 

Excitement, satisfaction, PEACE, joy all came flooding back. I had been faithful and obedient to my calling for 7 years. Many seeds were planted, others watered and by God's grace there will be a harvest. And now I get to rest in him and have my soul restored as his word promises. 

And so a new season begins.  I invite you to walk alongside me as this journey unfolds.  

Rest, Refill, Reconnect. To everything there is a season...right now i would like to rest by the still waters and quench my thirst,